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Micks-Picks is Coming Back for good in 2021

Sports handicapping excellence returns!




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Here at Micks-Picks, we know what it takes to win and our performance proves it. Don’t wait – Sign up now and put your bankroll to work with confidence on the games that our members play. Let Mick-Picks eliminate the guesswork from your wagering.

First and foremost, is about basketball is a sports handicapping service that specializes in, but is not limited to handicapping basketball. We have proven systems that apply to NBA, NCAA, and even WNBA hoops. Our methods compare and compete favorably with any other service on the web currently handicapping any form of the game.

In addition, aside from our systems and winning ways in all forms of hoops, we also have systems plays that we track in NFL and Pro football, MLB baseball, and NHL hockey.

Finally, we have strong opinions about what it means to provide customer service and we think it’s quite simple... We respect you and your privacy as clients and we take that respect very seriously:

• It's our policy that all communication and correspondence takes place only via email at
• We promise to never make any phone calls or send any unsolicited email
• Your personal information will never be shared in any way – again, respecting your privacy is our highest priority

It’s a simple philosophy, we pick winners and we play wisely – and we help you do the same. Remember the difference between winning and losing is a very fine line. Just as important as picking winners is a sound money management strategy and a consistent, realistic handicapping methodology and we provide that also. With Micks-Picks, there are never any ‘games of the year’ – we don’t need any gimmicks – just confident plays that are usually 1.0 to 2.0 units, with larger plays coming only on very rare occasions.

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Sports Handicapping, in sport and games, is the practice of assigning advantage through scoring compensation or other advantage given to different contestants to equalize the chances of winning. The word also applies to the various methods by which the advantage is calculated. Sports Handicapping also refers to the various methods by which spectators can predict and quantify the results of a sporting match.

The term Sports Handicapping is also applied to the practice of predicting the result of a competition, such as for purposes of betting against the point spread. A favored team that wins by less than the point spread still wins the game, but bets on that team lose.



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